9. European Inter-District Zonta Seminar

9. European Inter-District Zonta Seminar
“Women and Finance – between Challenges and Chances”
Frankfurt am Main 28 – 30 April 2023

Dear Zontians, dear friends from all over Europe, from Ghana and from the US, After two unsuccessful attempts we are now happy to welcome you at the ”9TH EUROPEAN INTER DISTRICT ZONTA SEMINAR” IN FRANKFURT AM MAIN!

The organization team of district 28 has worked hard to prepare for you an enlightening and instructive seminar weekend of inspiring panel discussions and workshops with female entrepreneurs and leaders at the forefront of a new digital era. Let us together explore the challenges and chances posed by the world of finance to women and society in general in the search for a sustainable future.
Moreover, let us experience and renew friendship and trust with Zontians from different parts of the world. The traditional get-together on Friday evening, the Saturday
night dinner and sightseeing activities all provide such opportunities.

Lataa ohjelma tästä!

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