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FINLAND in a nutshell

Total Area: 338,145 km2  of which 10% water over 70% forest
Maximun length 1160 km
Maximun width 540 km
Neighbouring countries Sweden, Norway and Russia
Currency: Euro
Language: Finnish 93%, Swedish 6%, Sami (about 1700 people)
Capital: City of Helsinki

In Finland we have 200,000 lakes, half a million cottages and one midnight sun.

It is an honour to be invited to a Finnish sauna.
The best saunas can be found in summer houses in the coutryside.

Summer temperature: +15°C – +25°C (duration: Around 90 days)
Winter temperature: -35°C – +5°C (snow is guaranteed in Lapland, it stays on the ground for up to 6 months a year)

Appr. 80 % of Finland is covered with forest.

In Lapland you will find 203,000 reindeer
183,000 inhabitants 200 nights/year Northern Lights
6 national parks
1 Santa Claus (the one and only)

In Lapland, the Midnight Sun makes up for the light deprived by the Polar Night during the winter. At the Arctic Circle, where Lapland’s capital Rovaniemi lies, the Midnight Sun graces the horizon from early June until early July. In Nuorgam, Finland’s northernmost tip, the sun stays up for more than 70 days.